Ending poverty by 2030

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2014

In two new ODI blogs, our researchers highlight some of the key policies missing from the proposed Sustainable Development Goals and argue that ending poverty is inextricably linked with reaching zero net carbon emissions.

Farmers in Tanzania. Photo: Gates Foundation via Flickr
Women selling sauces and pastes in Bandiagara market © Irina Mosel

Why humanitarians shouldn't ignore markets

Field research

ODI's Humanitarian Policy Group explores the role of markets in crisis response, looking at floods in Pakistan and Mali's armed conflict.

Chinese factory workers. Photo: Shreyans Bhansali via Flickr

The slowdown: why China could be the new Japan

Shockwatch bulletin

China's growth could drop below 4% next year, well below the IMF's prediction of 7% – and poor countries that rely on exports will be hit hard.

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