Could migration end poverty?

International Migrants Day 2014

Migration is a powerful tool for reducing poverty; far more powerful than aid. Yet for poor people around the world, it remains a dangerous and costly venture. The Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium brings together academics and journalists to tell a story about what migrants face when they embark on this risky journey.

Infographic: vulnerability and the migration cycle
Mark Lowcock. Photo: DFID UK via Flickr

A breakthrough in how we define aid

Guest blog

Mark Lowcock, Permanent Secretary at UK DFID, on yesterday's agreement to redefine what counts as 'aid' in a way that helps the poorest.

Rajasthan, India. Photo: Clarividus via Flickr

Financing the Sustainable Development Goals

A rough roadmap

Ahead of a major summit in Addis Ababa next year, a new ODI paper looks at how post-2015 development should be framed and funded.

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