Social justice post-2015

Briefing paper

Will the Sustainable Development Goals do enough for the world's most vulnerable people, who experience multiple disadvantages due to their ethnicity or class? A new ODI paper sets out what needs to happen and how we can monitor progress.

Rohingya girl. Photo: Steve Gumaer via Flickr
Farmers in Tanzania. Photo: Gates Foundation via Flickr

How we end poverty by 2030 – and after


In two blogs for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we take a critical look at the proposed Sustainable Development Goals.

Women selling sauces and pastes in Bandiagara market © Irina Mosel

Why humanitarians shouldn't ignore markets

Field research

ODI's Humanitarian Policy Group explores the role of markets in crisis response, from the 2010 floods in Pakistan to Mali's armed conflict.

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