• Financing the future illustration

    Financing the future

    We won't end poverty by 2030 without prioritising the poorest. Ahead of a major international conference in Addis Ababa this July, ODI's latest report calculates the cost of a new global social contract – free education, healthcare and income security for all – and sets out how we can finance it.

  • West Africa's first oil well. Photo: Rhys Thom via Flickr

    Oil price drop: Africa's winners and losers

    If oil prices fall by 30% as predicted, sub-Saharan Africa's oil exporters will lose $63 billion – around 5% of the region’s GDP.

  • Wood market, Cameroon. Photo: Ollivier Girard/CIFOR via Flickr

    Agriculture subsidies driving forest loss

    Subsidies for  industries causing deforestation in Brazil and Indonesia currently dwarf aid earmarked for saving forests.

  • Bicycle police in Sri Lanka. Photo: Victoria Chambers/ODI

    Bicycle police fail to live up to the hype

    'Community policing' initiatives have not succeeded in reducing crime, improving police accountability and strengthening state-citizen relations.

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