Strategic plan 2014-2017

The ODI strategic plan sets out the five main areas in which ODI will seek to make a difference, from the 'global to the local', in the coming three years.

ODI strategic plan front coverWe are entering a vital period for international development. In the coming years, there will be major global summits on the post-2015 goals, on financing development, on climate change and on the humanitarian architecture. Here's how we'll respond to the challenges ahead.

Our five strategic priorities

  • Eradicating absolute poverty and equalising opportunity
  • Promoting effective action on climate change and managing resources sustainably
  • Protecting people threatened by conflict, disasters and insecurity
  • Building accountable and inclusive institutions
  • Increasing productivity and creating jobs through transformative growth

A change in focus

  • The growing focus on global public goods such as climate-change mitigation and the decreasing relevance of ‘old’ categories such as the North/South divide mean that we will work increasingly on policy in developed (OECD) countries as well as ‘developing’ countries.
  • As private investment becomes an ever more important part of the overall picture on development finance, we will increase our engagement with private-sector actors to promote sustainable development and poverty reduction.
  • We will focus increasingly beyond the ‘aid’ debate, seeking to promote solutions to global development through influencing rules, policies and practice in areas such as tax, trade, migration, climate change and global governance in ways that benefit the poorest people.

To find out more, download the ODI strategic plan 2014-2017.