The ODI Fellowship Scheme

Giving postgraduate economists and statisticians an opportunity to work in the public sectors of developing countries.

ODI Fellows - Anasuya Prabhu National Bureau of Statistics South Sudan 2011-2013

The ODI Fellowship Scheme has existed since 1967 to provide governments of developing countries with high calibre junior professional economists and statisticians where gaps in local expertise exist; and to provide postgraduate economists and statisticians with practical work experience in a developing country. It is demand-led by developing country governments, who share the costs of employing Fellows with ODI.

The Scheme is open to postgraduate economists and statisticians of any nationality and is currently partnered with 24 developing country governments and regional bodies. It awarded 57 Fellowships in 2013 and currently has 105 Fellows in post. To date, it has:

  • worked in over 40 mostly low-income countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific;
  • sent over 1,000 economists to work in developing countries on two-year postings;

2014-2016 applications

The application process for the 2014-2016 Fellowship Scheme has now closed.

We will notify only those candidates we shortlist for interviews before the end of January 2014. Interviews will take place at the ODI offices in London between 17 February 2014 - 25 February 2014.

About the Scheme

ODI Fellows - Anasuya Prabhu National Bureau of Statistics South Sudan 2011-2013

The Scheme offers a unique form of demand-led technical assistance to governments, who can use it to build capacity in their public sectors and improve the execution of economic policy.


ODI Fellows - 1

Details on some of the alumni of the ODI Fellowship Scheme.

Application Information

The ODI Fellowship Scheme is highly competitive with all applicants offering postgraduate qualifications and often relevant work experience.