Publication of The Africa Commission Report

These pages offer ODI resources relating to the Africa Commission Report.


The Africa Commission's 'Big Push'

Articles and blogs | 30 April 2005 | Simon Maxwell
'The Africa Commission is an exhilarating, exhausting and intriguing read...It is the intellectual challenges which will extend the life of the Report..'
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The Millennium Project: A Sound Strategy for Reaching the MDGs?

Articles and blogs | 1 February 2005 | John Roberts
'The Millennium Project report Investing in Development invites developing countries to formulate expenditure plans based on what they will need to reach the Millennium Development Goals. Additional aid needed will be very substantial, even after allowing for re-...
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Gender and social protection

Research reports and studies | September 2004 | Caroline Moser and Cecilia Luttrell
This paper is a discussion of the role of gender issues in social protection policies, strategies and programmes, and as such it shows that vulnerabilities to risk vary significantly by gender.

Rights-Based Approaches to Social Protection

Research reports and studies | August 2004 | Laure-Hélène Piron
Provides background information and analysis on the relevance of rights-based approaches (RBAs) to development for the provision of social protection (SP) in developing countries, supported through international development assistance.

The Implications of Hiv/Aids for Social Protection

Research reports and studies | August 2004 | Cecilia Luttrell
Through a review of current understandings of the impact of HIV/AIDS and a brief analysis of emerging new perspectives on social protection, this paper demonstrates why it is important for policymakers and practitioners to explore the implications of HIV/AIDS for...

Basic Services and Social Protection

Research reports and studies | August 2004 | Rachel Marcus with Laure-Hélène Piron and Tom Slaymaker
This paper discusses the connections between basic services and social protection, focusing on health (including nutrition), education, water and sanitation, and safety, security and access to justice (SSAJ).

Financing Social Protection

Research reports and studies | August 2004 | Armando Barrientos
This paper considers the opportunities, constraints, and options available to a bilateral donor in the financing of social protection.

Food Security and Social Protection

Research reports and studies | August 2004 | Elizabeth Cromwell and Rachel Slater
The objective of this paper is to inform DFID’s position paper on social protection about the ways in which food security issues should be taken into account in developing social protection policies, strategies and programmes.