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Five tests for development success in 2015

16 January 2015 - Susan Nicolai
The results of this critical year for international development matter to all of us, not just the politicians and bureaucrats. Public mobilisation will be essential - but at the end of this year, how will campaigners know if their efforts have been successful?

Will fault lines in Sendai signal a rocky 2015?

2 January 2015 - Tom Mitchell
Governments are set to agree a new framework on disaster reduction this March in Sendai, Japan. As the first of 2015's series of landmark international agreements, Sendai needs to set a strong precedent for those that follow.

Aceh's unfinished recovery

26 December 2014 - Lilianne Fan
Ten years after the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami, 'recovery' remains an unfinished journey for most Acehnese. While the province received billions in aid, Aceh's economy is stagnant and unemployment is high.