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It's time to rethink how we do development

26 November 2014 - Leni Wild, Marta Foresti and Matt Andrews
'It's time to build on development's positives, rather than singing an old and sad song about its failure. We are committed to becoming builders, by identifying agents and organisations doing great work, often at the margins and at great risk. Will you join us?'

Can the Green Climate Fund change the game on climate finance?

20 November 2014 - Sandra Leticia Guzmán Luna
Governments gather in Berlin today to pledge their support to a major new United Nations fund for responding to climate change in developing countries. If the new Green Climate Fund can do better than its predecessors at turning these pledges into actual deposits, it has the potential to reduce tensions in international climate negotiations at a critical moment.

Governments face further talks to agree disaster risk framework

20 November 2014 - Elizabeth Carabine
Governments met in Geneva this week to negotiate on the zero draft of the Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, but failed to reach a consensus. Now negotiators need to identify leaders among them who have the vision and political capital to produce the ambitious agreement so desperately needed.

Sewage, septic tanks and social inequalities

19 November 2014 - Beatrice Mosello, Mariana Matoso and Julian Doczi
A third of the world’s population does not have access to a safe, private toilet. On World Toilet Day 2014, researchers in ODI's Water Policy Programme reflect on some of the obstacles - and solutions - to achieving universal sanitation.

We need a global civil rights movement for children

18 November 2014 - Kevin Watkins
Twenty-five years after its inception, the Convention on the Rights of the Child is widely and systematically violated with near total impunity. We must throw our support behind the rising tide of protest and demand more from the institutions charged with defending children's rights.

Subsidios a los combustibles fósiles: Generosidad con las empresas a costa de lo demás

17 November 2014 - Miren Gutiérrez
Los gobiernos del G20 están dedicando 88 mil millones de dólares anuales a apoyar la exploración de combustibles fósiles a pesar del compromiso existente desde 2009 para ir eliminando los subsidios “ineficientes”. Seguir en esta dinámica no solo no tiene ningún sentido económico, sino que además puede ser potencialmente desastroso para el clima.

Value for Money in African Public Spending

13 November 2014 - Philipp Krause
The Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI) recently brought together 75 delegates from 24 countries for its annual conference in Johannesburg. This blog looks at the key takeaways from this year's event on “value for money in public spending”.

Why mental health hasn't gone mainstream

11 November 2014 - Jessica Mackenzie
Mental illness affects one in four people globally, yet this health issue does not yet receive the attention or the funding that it warrants from policy-makers . Why is this case - and what can we do about it?