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After Lima, clarity on climate finance remains elusive

19 December 2014 - Smita Nakhooda
Long term finance to help developing countries respond to climate change proved hugely contentious and difficult at this month’s climate talks in Lima. Despite some positive developments, a clear decision on climate finance at the Paris conference in December 2015 remains some way off.

What counts as 'aid'? New rules on concessionality

18 December 2014 - Mark Lowcock, Permanent Secretary at the UK Department for International Development
'Various efforts were made over the last ten years to modernise the system. None were successful. The more time passed, the more the system – and the OECD's Development Assistance Committee itself – started to fall into disrepute. Standard setting bodies are only valuable if they are respected.'

Why we should lend more money to richer countries

15 December 2014 - Andrew Rogerson
The development finance conference in Addis next year should consider two seemingly counterintuitive ideas: focus international grants on the least creditworthy countries; and boost access to non-concessional aid for richer countries.

Can theories of change help us 'do development differently?'

10 December 2014 - Craig Valters
'The theory of change approach needs to be joined up, as a discourse and practice, with other initiatives which aim to change how we think about and do development. Anchoring to broader movements with similar goals (critical and reflective research, policy, and practice in development) may help prevent it heading down the 'logframe on steroids' path.'

Time to join up 2015's 'big three' landmark agreements

9 December 2014 - Mairi Dupar
This weekend in Lima, international leaders called for a surge in public support for tackling climate change and poverty, in order to galvanise governmental ambition for three landmark agreements in 2015 on sustainable development, climate change and disaster reduction.