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Why migration should be a priority for development

Articles and blogs | 21 April 2015 | Marta Foresti
'Tackling migration is the ultimate political nightmare in many donor countries. It cannot be fixed by aid, and it requires serious rethinking of how development should work and what role the international community should play.'
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A data revolution for governments: filling the gaps

Articles and blogs | 19 April 2015 | Elizabeth Stuart
'There could be up to 25% more people living in extreme poverty worldwide than we currently think. School attendance could be overstated by at least 10%. There could have been 133,000 maternal deaths in sub-Saharan Africa in 2013, or twice that number – we cannot be...
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Low oil prices: Africa’s winners and losers

Articles and blogs | 8 April 2015 | Dirk Willem te Velde and Zhenbo Hou
'Nigeria and other oil exporters need to reduce their economies’ dependence on volatile oil prices. If the oil price drop can be a catalyst for economic transformation, it could bring sustained benefits.'
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