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Zero poverty? The Sustainable Development Goals aren’t quite there yet

16 October 2014 - Andrew Shepherd
Eradicating poverty means tackling chronic poverty, stopping people becoming impoverished and sustaining escapes from extreme poverty. Are these priorities well represented in the emerging post-2015 development framework - and as the current 'shopping list' of Sustainable Development Goals gets whittled down to a set of priorities, are key policies being overlooked?

Countdown to zero-zero

16 October 2014 - Ilmi Granoff and Susan Nicolai
We cannot sustain progress in eradicating poverty if we don't tackle climate change as well. Ahead of the Development & Climate Days event at COP20 in Lima, this blog looks at the concept of 'zero-zero', arguing that without action to prevent global average temperatures from rising by more than 2°C, those who emerge from poverty are likely to fall back into it due to climate disasters.

Why the Sustainable Development Goals should include mental health

10 October 2014 - Jessica Mackenzie
Mental illness affects one in four people, yet the poorest countries dedicate just 0.5% of their health budgets to it. As the post-2015 development framework is being finalised, we have a crucial opportunity to persuade policymakers worldwide to give mental heath the attention - and the funding - it deserves.