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Managing disaster risk should be everybody's business

11 July 2014 - Virginie Le Masson
Social exclusion and inequalities aggravate the vulnerability of people and communities to disaster risks. The needs of vulnerable groups tend to be overlooked in disaster risk management (DRM), making them even more vulnerable to the impacts of disaster.

Donors need to understand different health and justice systems

10 July 2014 - Lisa Denney
"Reforms of state provided services – both in the justice and health sectors – are clearly important. In Sierra Leone, more people trust the police than in the past and more mothers are utilising health clinics, helping to reduce appalling rates of maternal and child mortality."

Health service gaps in Africa led to Ebola epidemic

7 July 2014 - Lisa Denney
Lisa Denney looks at the current Ebola crisis and concludes that continued and strengthened support needs to be focused on building the capacities of national health and sanitation systems to respond to emergencies so that such unnecessary loss of life is prevented in the future.

Weighing people's values in evaluation

3 July 2014 - Laura Rodriguez Takeuchi
'One of the very first steps for conducting an evaluation is to determine what ‘success’ looks like. Yet the process of defining and agreeing the values which will be used to make judgements is often one of the more mysterious parts of evaluation - or overlooked altogether.'