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Dare to prepare: taking risk seriously

9 December 2013 - Overseas Development Institute
This video explores an ODI report which argues that in order to be prepared to deal effectively with disasters or crises, preparedness measures need to be put in place before a crisis occurs. This report recommends the establishment of a new global financing mechanism which can fund activities across the 'emergency preparedness continuum'.

Play the fossil fuel subsidies game

7 November 2013 - Overseas Development Institute
Did you know that over half a trillion dollars is spent on subsiding fossil-fuels every year? A new report by the Overseas Development Institute shows how the rules of the game are biased in favour of dirty energy. Here’s a game to help you find out more. To start, pick a number...

An introduction to digital research communications

21 February 2013 - Nick Scott
'With digital anyone can influence anywhere and the territories of influence have changed, with media, social media and the way we use publications all changing rapidly. How do you get your research into the hands of the people who need it?'

Securing food and water

4 July 2012 - Roger Calow
Roger Calow, Head of the Water Policy Programme, discusses water and food security at a Global Business Symposium on Securing Foof and Water, convened by the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, June 2012.

CDKN in conversation with... Neil Bird

10 May 2012 - Neil Bird
'I don't think we should get distracted by these numbers; what is more important to people on the ground, to those most vulnerable to climate change, is ensuring that money flows to meet their needs'.