Development Progress

A four year research project supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It aims to measure, understand and communicate where and how development progress has happened.


Learning the lessons from improved education

Learning the lessons from improved education

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As many countries strive to provide more than just a basic schooling, our Development Progress team spotlight Chile, Kenya, Mongolia and Indonesia.

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Our Team

  • Susan Nicolai
    Head of Project
  • Maria Bernardez
    Maria Bernardez
    Project Officer
  • Katy Harris
    Katy Harris
    Senior Communication Officer
  • Sebastien Hine
    Sebastien Hine
    Research Assistant
  • Amanda Lenhardt
    Research Officer
  • Chris Little
    Chris Little
    Project Communications Assistant
  • Hannah Messenger
    Hannah Messenger
    Events Coordinator
  • Suzi Nandera
    Suzi Nandera
    Programme Administrator
  • Craig Valters
    Research Officer
  • Timothy Webster
    Timothy Webster
    Multi Media Coordinator

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