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Building adaptive water resources management in Ethiopia

Research reports and studies | May 2015 | Beatrice Mosello, Roger Calow, Josephine Tucker, Helen Parker, Tena Alamirew, Seifu Kebede, Tesfay Alemseged, Assefa Gudina
What does it take to build adaptive water resources management in Ethiopia: a country experiencing fast economic growth, widespread social and political transformation, and impacts of climate change? This study reports on the current institutional system for water...

Mapping current incentives and investment in Viet Nam's water and sanitation sector: lessons for private climate finance

Research reports and studies | May 2015 | Nella Canales Trujillo, Vu Xuan Nguyet Hong and Shelagh Whitley
Understanding better how private sector can make climate friendly invesments in water & sanitation. A diagnostic tool, climate blind at the beginning. Use diagnostic to make recommendations linked to climate change because there is no proper definition of climate...