Fighting Poverty in Africa: are PRSPs making a difference?

Edited by David Booth
December 2003

Since 1999, citizens of low-income African countries have been involved in preparing 'Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers' (PRSPs). Having a PRSP, based on a credible national policy process, has been made a condition for access to debt relief and other international assistance. Will this, as intended, result in greater commitment to poverty-reduction efforts on the part of national institutions and leaders? What evidence is there of a genuinely new approach to the fight against poverty? This book is the result of a major independent study of the subject organised by ODI on behalf of the Strategic Partnership with Africa.  David Booth coordinates the Poverty and Public Policy Group at ODI. The contributors are economists, political scientists, social researchers and specialists in development management from Benin, France, Germany, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Norway, Sweden, Tanzania, Uganda and the UK.

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Fighting Poverty in Africa

Fighting Poverty in Africa
Fighting Poverty in Africa