Climate Finance Fundamentals

Research reports and studies

This series of short, introductory briefing on various aspects of climate finance are designed for readers new to the debate on global climate change financing.  In light of the fast pace of developments in climate finance, the briefs allow the reader to gain a better understanding of the quantity and quality of financial flows going to developing countries.

The briefs outline the principles of public climate finance; the emerging global climate finance architecture; and address the instruments, needs and actual funding amounts in the action areas of adaptation, mitigation and forest protection (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, REDD-plus).  Several look specifically at the climate funding situation for specific regions of the world.

Climate finance fundamentals 4: mitigation finance

Briefing papers | November 2015 | Sam Barnard, Alice Caravani, Smita Nakhooda and Liane Schalatek
This brief describes the funds that have been created by industrialised countries to finance emission reductions in developing countries.

Climate finance fundamentals 8: Asia

Briefing papers | November 2015 | Sam Barnard, Smita Nakhooda, Alice Caravani and Liane Schalatek
This brief assesses the flow of international climate finance to Asia, including a breakdown of funding by country and objective.

Climate finance fundamentals 5: REDD+ finance

Briefing papers | November 2015 | Marigold Norman, Alice Caravani, Smita Nakhooda, Charlene Watson, Will McFarland and Liane Schalatek
This brief describes the funding initiatives in support of REDD+ and raises some ongoing challenges for the equitable delivery of climate finance.