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A qualitative assessment of health extension workers’ relationships with the community and health sector in Ethiopia: opportunities for enhancing maternal health performance

Journal articles or issues | September 2015 | Maryse C. Kok, Aschenaki Z. Kea, Daniel G. Datiko, Jacqueline E.W. Broerse, Marjolein Dieleman, Miriam Taegtmeyer and Olivia Tulloch
This study in Ethiopia aims to understand how relationships between health extension workers (HEWs), the community and health sector are shaped, in order to increase HEW performance around maternal health.

Tackling social exclusion

Journal articles or issues | September 2015 | Jessica Hagen-Zanker
This paper examines whether social protection contributes to social inclusion and empowerment in South Asia.

Ensuring climate information guides long term development

Journal articles or issues | August 2015 | Lindsey Jones, Thomas Tanner et al
Many sub-Saharan countries are failing to include climate information in long-term development planning. Ensuring climate-resilient development requires a step change in how medium- to long-term climate information is produced, communicated and utilized in sub-Saharan...

Failing adolescents: social control, political economy and human development in post-war Sri Lanka

Journal articles or issues | April 2015 | Sarala Emmanuel, Kusala Wettasinghe, Fiona Samuels, Sivaprashanthi Thambaiah, Indrani Rajendran, Ananda Galappatti
Drawing on a study from two war-affected villages in Sri Lanka, this paper examines the multi-faceted challenges that adolescents face in communities attempting to retain and redefine boundaries, identities, and social and moral regulation in a post-war context.

Stakeholder Perceptions on Graduation in Ethiopia and Rwanda

Journal articles or issues | March 2015 | Stephen Devereux, Martina Ulrichs
The article 'Stakeholder Perceptions on Graduation in Ethiopia and Rwanda' presents perspectives on graduation of influential stakeholders in Ethiopia and Rwanda, and draws conclusions from these case studies for global graduation debates.

How effective are cash transfers in reducing poverty compared to remittances?

Journal articles or issues | March 2015 | Jessica Hagen-Zanker and Carmen Leon Himmelstine
In the past decade, we have seen growth of both remittance flows and cash tranfer coverage in low-income countries. Using a rigorous, evidence-focused review method, this literature review found eleven relevant studies that directly compare the impacts of cash...