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Progress despite adversity: women's empowerment and conflict in Colombia

Research reports and studies | July 2015 | Pilar Domingo, Alina Rocha Menocal and Verónica Hinestroza
This case study explores the trajectory of women’s empowerment in Colombia over the past 20 years in the context of conflict. It analyses important changes in women’s political voice and legal activism, and how these in turn, are contributing to shaping policy on...

Why and how a country lens matters for the SDGs

Research reports and studies | July 2015 | Emma Samman
A new research note outlines the importance of using a country-lens to measure SDG progress. Different countries are at different stages of development, and unless this is taken into account in setting targets and assessing progress, we risk creating a set of perverse...

Humanitarian trends and challenges for the Pacific region

Research reports and studies | July 2015 | Katie Peters, Emma Lovell, Elizabeth Carabine, Alice Caravani
This briefing report supports the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) consultation for the Pacific region. It sets out the current humanitarian challenges and trends in the post-2015 era.

Urban finance: rapid evidence assessment

Research reports and studies | June 2015 | Hamish Nixon, Victoria Chambers, Sierd Hadley and Tom Hart
This paper explores the fiscal challenge posed by urbanisation, which demands that resources to fund the expenditure needs created by rapid growth are deployed while contributing to continued economic growth and employment.