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Humanitarian trends and challenges for the Pacific region

Research reports and studies | July 2015 | Katie Peters, Emma Lovell, Elizabeth Carabine, Alice Caravani
This briefing report supports the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) consultation for the Pacific region. It sets out the current humanitarian challenges and trends in the post-2015 era.

Climate change finance in Ghana

Research reports and studies | June 2015 | Felix Ankomah Asante, Simon Bawakyillenuo, Neil Bird, Nella Canales Trujillo, Cynthia Addoquaye Tagoe and Nicholas Ashiabi
ODI is building an evidence base on climate change finance delivery and management through a number of country case studies. This report presents the findings of the country study in Ghana.

On the path to progress: improving living conditions in Peru’s slum settlements

Research reports and studies | June 2015 | Julio Calderón Cockburn, Jesús Quispe Romero, Paula Lucci, Amanda Lenhardt
This case study explores the improvements in living conditions in slum settlements located in the outskirts of cities in Peru. This period saw significant progress in access to utilities in these areas, with positive changes recorded in water piped directly to...

Community-driven development in the slums: Thailand's experience

Research reports and studies | June 2015 | Tanvi Bhatkal and Paula Lucci
This case study examines progress in the living conditions of slum dwellers in Thailand since the 1990s. Thanks to community-centred slum upgrading programmes, notably Baan Mankong, this period has seen improvements in tenure security, housing conditions and access to...

Towards a better life? A cautionary tale of progress in Ahmedabad

Research reports and studies | June 2015 | Tanvi Bhatkal, William Avis and Susan Nicolai
Ahmedabad, the fifth largest city in India, has achieved significant progress since the 1990s. The city provides a useful lens through which to explore the rural-urban transition and how its challenges can be addressed, particularly terms of improvement in material...