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The role of index-based triggers in social protection shock response

Research reports and studies | April 2015 | Francesca Bastagli and Luke Harman
Index-based trigger mechanisms are an innovative instrument used to help ensure timely and adequate social protection response in the event of a shock. This report identifies the potential advantages and limitations of the inclusion of index-based triggers in social...

The road to reform: Women's political voice in Morocco

Research reports and studies | April 2015 | Clare Castillejo and Helen Tilley
Morocco's active and effective women's movement has acquired a progressively greater presence for women in formal politics and the wider civil society. This report explores how excluded and adversely incorporated groups can achieve greater political voice and how this...

The data revolution: finding the missing millions

Research reports and studies | April 2015 | Elizabeth Stuart, Emma Samman, William Avis and Tom Berliner
This report argues that an absence of data is impeding development progress, particularly for the poorest and most marginalised. It sets out the challenges and provides suggested solutions that will allow a data revolution to take place and improve the lives of many of...

Can fracking green China’s growth?

Research reports and studies | April 2015 | Ilmi Granoff; Sam Pickard; Julian Doczi; Roger Calow; Zhenbo Hou; Vanessa D’Alançon
This paper analyses whether shale gas, and by implication other unconventional sources, can materially improve the quality and sustainability of China’s economic growth.

Building resilience and managing risk in fragile and conflict-affected states

Research reports and studies | April 2015 | Bill Gray, Courtenay Cabot Venton, Lewis Sida and Simon Levine
This inception report is for a four-year thematic evaluation of DFID’s use of multi-year humanitarian funding (MYHF) to support resilience. It proposes an approach to evaluation based upon establishing and then testing implicit ‘logic models’ behind the claims that...

Guide to INDCs

Research reports and studies | April 2015 | Emelia Holdaway, Chris Dodwell, Kiran Sura and Helen Picot
A new publication from CDKN and Ricardo-AEA - Guide to INDCs - provides practical guidance to Least Developed Countries on how to prepare their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions for the UNFCCC. INDCs are contributions by the Parties to the UNFCCC towards...