A Global Reset: building a better world beyond coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to a sudden standstill. It is particularly stark because it is affecting everyone’s lives in real time, and because the economic crisis underway will likely eclipse all global financial shocks since at least the Great Depression. It presents a crisis of historic proportions which will require a global effort that spans communities, governments, business and civil society. 

As we planned for our sixtieth anniversary year, ODI had set out to challenge decision-makers and thought leaders to think differently about global challenges. The coronavirus crisis has raised the stakes, and despite its catastrophic nature has created an added opportunity for us to accelerate systemic change, and think radically yet realistically about how to manage the recovery, rebuild differently, recalibrate social values and provide more sustainable and equitable pathways for the future.   

We are asking:

  • How can global economic cooperation be reinvigorated to deliver a fairer and more sustainable future for all? How can this transformation address the climate emergency?
  • What should political and societal leaders do to redefine the social contract and ensure more progressive and just policies post-pandemic? 
  • How do global and local institutions need to adapt to meet these challenges? What kind of coalitions and ways of working could emerge? 

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To address these questions ODI at 60 is convening a series of online dialogues about our future after coronavirus and how the world should address key global and shared challenges. We are working with partners to host inclusive discussions, ask difficult questions and tackle gritty issues, and to amplify the voices of those traditionally left out of the debates that transform societies.

We are using our 60th anniversary to rethink our reality and we are convening a series of dialogues under the following themes: 

Reshaping global leadership 

Tackling the climate crisis 

Building economic resilience and just societies 

Advancing human rights and peace