ODI celebrates 60 years of impact

The world will never address global challenges through development cooperation alone. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and tackling the climate crisis will require a global team effort that spans communities, governments, business and civil society.

So what exactly should we be doing differently?

How do the development and humanitarian sectors need to change to rise to the challenge?

And how will digitalisation transform traditional approaches and drive innovation to achieve sustainable development?

As ODI enters our 60th year we are challenging decision-makers, thought leaders and visionaries to think differently through a series of discussions about global challenges. [email protected] is convening in London and around the world, and hosting online dialogues about the future of development and global affairs. We are working with partners to ask difficult questions and tackle the gritty issues, and to amplify the voices of those traditionally left out of the development debate.

Key global challenges we are exploring include:

Starting the conversation

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