Our priorities
In Ganta, Liberia, a builder works to finish a school extension. Photo: © African Development Bank

Leave no one behind

Almost two years since the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are starting to see early signs of the implemention of this ambitious agenda.

Building sustainable futures

This year’s climate change action has focused on maintaining the momentum and implementing the great ambition of the Paris Agreement. 

Effective institutions, engaged citizens

Well-functioning institutions are crucial to development effectiveness. We have advised local, national and global institutions on how to better serve the world’s poorest people.

Transformative growth

In a year of enormous global upheaval, ODI has been at the forefront of understanding the impacts of global volatility on economic growth in developing countries.

ODI Fellowship Scheme and consortiums

This year, the Fellowship Scheme posted 59 new ODI Fellows to 25 countries and regional organisations, with a focus on countries with low incomes and high poverty rates.

Digital innovation

Over the past year, ODI has put digital access and innovation at the heart of how we work.