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UN Reform: How?

Comment | 30 September 2004 | Simon Maxwell

'The key question on UN reform is not 'Why?' or 'What?' but 'How?'. Take as read the high principles and values: peace, justice, freedom, equity, sustainability and the rest. Take as read, also, the many specific proposals...

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Aid: what's next?

Comment | 1 September 2004 | Andrew Rogerson and Simon Maxwell

'As birds fly south and beaches empty, the aid community is gathering for a new school year at the joint annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank. There are some big, set-piece exams in the coming year, with the UK leading the way....'

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How humanitarianism is changing

Comment | 31 August 2004 | Joanna Macrae

Humanitarian action is both misunderstood and contentious. The lack of clarity and consensus regarding its purpose and principles has direct, and sometimes tragic, operational implication.'

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Illegal Logging: who gains from tighter controls?

Comment | 9 July 2004 | Adrian Wells and David Brown

'There is increasing recognition that the conservation and sustainable management of forests depend on a consensus in society over the rules and regulations under which forest goods are processed. However, despite the widespread promotion of forest...

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