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Can more aid be spent in Africa?

Comment | 2 January 2005 | Paolo de Renzio

'Double aid to halve poverty' looks likely to be the catchphrase of 2005. We will hear it from Tony Blair's Africa Commission, from the UN Millennium Project in New York, and from Gordon Brown and other advocates of an International Financing...

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UN Reform: How?

Comment | 30 September 2004 | Simon Maxwell

'The key question on UN reform is not 'Why?' or 'What?' but 'How?'. Take as read the high principles and values: peace, justice, freedom, equity, sustainability and the rest. Take as read, also, the many specific proposals...

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Aid: what's next?

Comment | 1 September 2004 | Andrew Rogerson and Simon Maxwell

'As birds fly south and beaches empty, the aid community is gathering for a new school year at the joint annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank. There are some big, set-piece exams in the coming year, with the UK leading the way....'

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