Case studies

Our staff highlight what they enjoy most about working at ODI.

Tanvi Bhatkal – Research Officer, Growth, Poverty and Inequality Programme
Tanvi Bhatkal

What is ODI like?

I see ODI as a dynamic and fast-paced organisation. There’s always a lot happening. I have met interesting people working in different areas of development and I have also had the opportunity to attend a lot of public events in ODI across a wide range of topics.

Caroline Cassidy – Communications Manager, Research and Policy in Development
Caroline Cassidy

What do you most enjoy about working at ODI?

I would have to say the people and the travel. You really meet some great colleagues in the organisation, external partners and others through workshops and events. Over the years, I have also been very lucky to travel all around the globe.

Pia Dawson – Digital Manager, Central Communications
Pia Dawson

What do you most enjoy about working at ODI?

Definitely the people. I feel very lucky to work with such clever and inspiring colleagues, and it’s a very sociable workplace. After that, I would say the sheer breadth of issues I get to work on keeps things interesting. I have a lot of autonomy in my role, so it’s always very satisfying to complete a major project, whether that’s an improvement to website functionality or a digital package around a flagship report launch.

Lukasz Marc – Research Fellow, Research and Policy in Development Programme
Lukasz Marc

What do you most enjoy about working at ODI?

The people are friendly, open-minded and highly committed to their work. Moreover, I have an interesting role which is not only developing my skills on a daily basis but also affords the opportunity of fieldwork – giving me exposure to what goes on behind the scenes.

Eva Svoboda – Research Fellow, Humanitarian Policy Group
Eva Svoboda

What do you most enjoy about working at ODI?

The diversity. You would think that our work is quite theoretical, but in fact it is a good mix between theory and practice and how to combine both. Knowing the research I do could be of help to a practitioner makes the job more interesting.

John Young – Head of the Research and Policy in Development Programme
John Young

What do you most enjoy about working at ODI?

ODI is a uniquely stimulating and challenging environment full of smart and intelligent people broadly committed to similar principles and objectives, but also very friendly and collegiate. It has broadly the right combination between intellectual challenge and collaborative support. The work also includes a nice mixture of academic and practical work, and of course the opportunity to travel and work in interesting places.