Distinguished Fellows

Our Distinguished Fellows are global leaders whose work has had international impact. The Distinguished Fellows scheme provides them with an opportunity to work in partnership with ODI’s senior staff and researchers to further extend their influence and global impact.

Distinguished Fellows are actively and visibly associated with ODI and undertake a tailored programme of work in areas of interest to them. As part of the programme Distinguished Fellows will: 

  • Participate in a personally tailored 'week in residence' at ODI
  • Contribute to research development and strategy
  • Write comment pieces associated with ODI’s work
  • Deliver, in their first year, a public lecture or keynote address at ODI
  • Represent ODI at debates, meetings and conferences
  • Speak at ODI and other high-level events around the world

To find out more about our Distinguished Fellows scheme, please email our Public Affairs Manager Dan Sharp. 

Ambassador David Donoghue

Ambassador David Donoghue has had a long and varied career in Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs. He was heavily involved in the Northern Ireland peace process and served as Irish Ambassador in multiple countries.

He also led Ireland’s development co-operation programme and was appointed Permanent Representative of Ireland to the United Nations in New York, where he helped push forward key agreements on sustainable development, refugees and migration. 

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Lilianne Ploumen

Lilianne Ploumen is MP of the Labour Party (PdA) in the Netherlands. She was also the Chair of PvdA for five years, and has served as Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in the Rutte-Asscher government.

Lilianne initiated the SheDecides movement in response to the reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy by the Trump administration.

She has worked for various non-profit organisations and served on several boards.

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Zainab Bangura

Zainab Bangura is a relentless advocate for conflict resolution and reconciliation and the protection of men and women who face sexual violence during times of war and conflict.

She is an internationally recognised diplomat and champion for democratisation, the political empowerment of women and human rights.

Her bravery has led her to confront the powerful, give hope to the powerless and make the international community take notice.

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Arkebe Oqubay

Arkebe Oqubay is a Senior Minister and Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. He has been at the centre of policymaking in Ethiopia for over 25 years and is a former mayor of its capital, Addis Ababa.

His research, which has been widely published, focuses on: structural transformation; technological learning and catch-up; industrial policy; sustainability and urban transformation; China-Africa ties; and emerging and developing economies, with a special interest in Africa.

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