The future of diplomacy: G20 in a Covid era

17 November 2020 14:00 - 15:30 GMT
Streamed live online


Nilima Gulrajani – Senior Research Fellow, ODI


Cecilia Nahon @cecilianahon – Alternate Executive Director for Argentina and the Southern Cone, World Bank Group.

Rathin Roy @emergingroy – Managing Director for Research and Policy, ODI

John Kirton @jjkirton – Director of the G20 Research Centre, University of Toronto


Among the many failures laid bare by the coronavirus, the failure of ‘club diplomacy’ to adequately respond to the current global pandemic is one of the most damaging to the cause of global prosperity, safety and stability.

Held in the run-up to the G20 Summit in Riyadh over November 21-22, we explore several questions with leading scholars and policy makers relating to the future of the G20 as a pre-eminent institution of global governance. We discuss why there has been a failure of the G20 to respond to Covid-19 and whether this derives from broader institutional failures.

We also discuss what, if anything, could take the G20’s place and what reforms might allow it to become a more robust platform for global policy-setting. This discussion will consider the G20’s role as a financing coalition for global challenges and whether its consensus-based decision-making procedures represent a fatal flaw.

This event is part of the ODI at 60 series, challenging decision-makers to provide more sustainable and equitable pathways for the future.