The Millennium Development Goals: The 2005 Agenda

26 January - 17 March 2005
Event Series

The MDGs will feature prominently in 2005, not only in UK initiatives connected to the G8 and our EU Presidency, but also because of the UN summit on the topic in September. The debates about the MDGs are technical (Are these the right targets? Do we know how to reach them?) but also political (Can we raise the money? Will rich countries change their policies? Will they be accountable?).


Millennium Development Goals: The 2005 Agenda

Working and discussion papers | February 2005 | Kate Bird and Nambusi Kyegombe

2005 is a pivotal year for those interested in seeing the achievement of the MDGs not least because a review of progress will take place at the UN Summit in September 2005. This paper introduces the ODI-APGOOD Meeting Series.


UN Reform: Working For Children

Public event | 9 March 2005 10:00 - 11:15 GMT+00

Carol Bellamy's speech centers around the situation of children around the world today, U.N. Reform and how the UN and the international community can by focusing on priorities for children make a significant difference.

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Building a constituency for poverty reduction

Public event | 9 February 2005 13:00 - 14:15 GMT+00

This session examined the role of different stakeholders, including international NGOs in mobilising support amongst the public, elites and the international community, and debates whether without this support, the MDGs can be achieved.

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