Markets, free trade and globalisation: The role of business in development

27 October 2010 16:30 - 18:00 GMT+01 (BST)
Public event
Streamed live online


Ann Bernstein - Executive Director - Centre for Development and Enterprise, South Africa


Robert Wade -  Professor of Political Economy and Development at LSE


Richard Laing - CEO, CDC group


Andrew Mitchell recently announced a new direction for DFID, aimed at stimulating the private sector to become a much bigger engine of growth in the developing world, bringing new enterprise and more investment to the poorest countries of the world. In light of this and to discuss the potential benefits of this approach ODI has asked Ann Bernstein, author of “The Case for Business in Developing Economies” to present the conclusions from her book. A staunch advocate of the positive role business can play in alleviating poverty, Bernstein will lead a discussion on where and how markets, free trade and globalisation can benefit the poorest.

The meeting will be chaired by Richard Laing, CEO of the CDC group and Robert Wade, Professor of Political Economy and Development at LSE will act as discussant.