Budget Support and Beyond: can the Paris agenda on aid be delivered?

6 - 7 November 2006

Richard Manning
Alison Evans - ODI
Claver Gatete - Government of Rwanda
Paolo de Renzio - Oxford University
Franz E. Ronsholt - Head of PEFA Secretariat
Stefan Koeberle - World Bank
Jeremy Gould - Institute of Development Studies, Helsinki
Mar Sophal - Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia
Sue Graves - ODI
Jesse Griffiths - Action Aid
Lindsay Whitfield - Global Economic Governance Programme, Oxford University
Marta Foresti - ODI
Sujai Shivakumar - National Research Council, Washington


Can donors do more to support progressive political and economic change in poor countries? Is a new approach needed to selecting the most appropriate mix of aid instruments in a given context? What are country-level public financial management reforms delivering in terms of a better context for utilising aid? Can attention to donor agency incentives and non-budget support instruments help deliver improvements in aid effectiveness at country level?