Report launch - Humanitarian space: a review of trends and issues

30 April 2012 13:00 - 14:30 GMT+01 (BST)
Public event
Streamed live online

Sarah Collinson - Research Associate, Humanitarian Policy Group
Samir Elhawary - Research Fellow, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI

Marc DuBois - Executive Director, Médecins Sans Frontières
Randolph Kent - Director, Humanitarian Futures Programme, King's College London

Sorcha O'Callaghan - Head of Humanitarian Policy, British Red Cross


There is an overwhelming consensus among humanitarian actors that access is becoming more difficult: attacks on aid workers are increasing; aid is becoming more politicised; respect for humanitarian principles and humanitarian law is declining. In other words, humanitarian space is 'shrinking'.

This event, to mark the launch of HPG Report 'Humanitarian Space: a review of trends and issues', critically discusses this dominant narrative and asks whether many of the problems faced today are not only familiar when compared with what has gone before, but in many respects are as much a consequence of expanding humanitarian engagement.