Public finance reform in fragile states: grounds for cautious optimism?

16 - 17 October 2012

First session (10:20 to 12:15)Government perspectives on public finance reform in fragile states


Dr Omar Zakhilwal - Minister of Finance, Afghanistan

Salvatore Garang Mabiordit - Under Secretary for Ministry of Finance, South Sudan (TBC) via VC

Osman Sahardeed - State Minister of Finance, Somaliland



Alastair McKechnie - Senior Research Associate, ODI


Andy Norton - Director of Research, ODI


Second session (13.00 to 15:00)Public finance reform in fragile countries: what works, what doesn’t and why?


Verena Fritz - Senior Governance Specialist, World Bank

Edward Hedger - Head of Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure, ODI

Philipp Krause - Head of Research, Budget Strengthening Initiative, ODI

Heidi Tavakoli - Research Fellow, ODI



Mark Robinson - Chief Governance Adviser, DFID

Andrew Lawson - Director, Fiscus Consultants

David Booth
- Senior Research Fellow, ODI

Third session (15:30 to 17:00)New directions in strengthening public finance and administration in fragile states?


Marcus Manuel - Director, Budget Strengthening Initiative, ODI

James Putzel - Director of the Crisis States Research Centre, London School of Economics

Alan Whaites - Head of Profession for Governance and Conflict, DFID

Renaud Seligmann - Manager, Africa Region Financial Management Unit, World Bank


Edward Hedger - Head of Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure, ODI


This joint ODI-World Bank event presented the findings of a major study into public financial management reforms in post-conflict fragile states. The report – Public financial management reforms in post-conflict countries  - charts the progress and challenges of reforms in eight countries over a ten year period.

The event brought together politicians and government officials from several countries with senior researchers and policy makers to examine the progress of public financial management reforms and the challenges that remain.