CDKN and partners: consulting and collaborating

19 November 2012 16:00 - 18:00 GMT+00
Public event
Streamed live online


Simon Maxwell - Executive Chair - CDKN


Sam Bickersteth - Chief Executive, CDKN

Zlatina Loudjeva - Chief Operating Officer, CDKN

Ari Huhtala - Director of Policy and Programmes, CDKN

Alison Cambray - Head of Technical Assistance, CDKN

Conrad De Souza - Head of Risk, Contracting & Procurement, CDKN

Pippa Heylings - Latin America Director, CDKN


This event will be an exciting opportunity for us to engage with you around CDKN’s strategy, future directionand scope, as well as hear about our learning around specific themes and how you can work with us and our wider community of practitioners. 

Through the event, we aim to improve understanding of CDKN’s strategic priorities and ways of working and stimulate thinking about how diverse climate compatible development efforts could be expanded and strengthened in the coming years. You will also have theopportunity to engage with us around CDKN’s thematic and cluster approaches.

This event is by invitation only however you can register to watch live online.Should you be interested to attend in person please contact [email protected]