The governance of cash transfers: lessons and ways forward

25 April 2013 14:00 - 16:00 GMT+01 (BST)


Nicola Jones - Research Fellow, ODI


Paul Bukuluki - Senior Lecturer, Makerere University

Khalid Dubai - Director, Interaction in Development

Bassam Abu Hammad - Assistant Professor, Al-Quds University

Onyango W. Ouma - Senior Research Fellow, University of Nairobi

Kerry Selvester - Director, Associacao de Nutricao e Seguranca Alimentar, ANSA

Mohammed Shaheen - Associate Professor of Public Health, Al-Quds University


The focus of the roundtable session was on how citizen involvement in cash transfer programme governance and accountability can help support broader state-citizen relations. Three sub-themes were discussed:

  1. Grievance channels - what works? What doesn't?
  2. Feedback loops - beyond grievances - and including information/public relations about the programme, what works? What doesn't?
  3. Participatory monitoring and evaluation - what would the key ingredients be?