Africa after the Africa Commission: What priorities for the German G8?

2 May 2007

A high level policy forum brought together senior DFID and NGO staff, MPs, private sector representatives, Africanists, development academics, and key journalists for high-level discussions on the future of Africa in the run-up to the G8 meeting in Germany (6-8 June).


A more careful approach to scaling up is called for

Comment | 7 May 2007 | Paolo de Renzio

Just last week Kofi Annan, in his new role as chairman of the Africa Progress Panel, called on G8 leaders to deliver on the promises for increased aid to Africa that were made at Gleneagles in 2005. While large amounts of additional aid have so far failed to...

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Combating corruption in Africa: what can donors do?

Articles and blogs | April 2007 | Alina Rocha Menocal

This Opinion discusses how African countries can break away from the vicious circle of corruption undermining governance, which is essential to reduce corruption in the first place.


Civic engagement and accountability

Articles and blogs | April 2007 | Adrian Wells

‘Donors need to invest diplomatic weight in directly facilitating civic engagement with the state, as opposed to divesting all responsibility in intermediaries such as NGOs.’