The road to zero: the Chronic Poverty Report launch 2014

13 March 2014 14:00 - 16:00 GMT+00
Public event
Streamed live online


Simon Maxwell - former Director of ODI, now Chair of Climate and Development Knowledge Network


Andrew Shepherd - Director of the Chronic Poverty Advisory Network at ODI

Chiara Mariotti - Research Officer, Chronic Poverty Advisory Network at ODI 


Duncan Green - Senior Strategic Adviser, Oxfam

Jen Marshall - Head of Profession Social Development, DFID

Dr Santosh Mehrotra (via telephone)– Director-General, Institute of Applied Manpower Research, Planning Commission, Government of India

There has been much talk in the post-2015 discussions about ‘getting to zero’ by 2030 – eradicating extreme poverty for the first time in human history. The MDGs have been part of an unprecedented global effort to halve the number of people living in such poverty, but the third international Chronic Poverty Report warns that ‘more of the same’ will not get us close to zero. It argues that business-as-usual approaches to poverty reduction could risk leaving up to one billion people living in extreme poverty in 2030.

This event will bring together the Chronic Poverty Report’s lead authors, commentaries from South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, and developing country and international policy makers as discussants. The report provides answers to the question: what needs to be done to get to (or close to) zero extreme poverty?

The report presents a tripartite challenge to the world: countries need to tackle chronic poverty, stop impoverishment and assist people escaping poverty to sustain those escapes. All three are needed if the eradication of extreme poverty is to be sustained, and all three require massive global investment.


The Chronic Poverty Report 2014-2015: The road to zero extreme poverty

Research reports and studies | March 2014 | Andrew Shepherd, Lucy Scott, Chiara Mariotti, Flora Kessy, Raghav Gaiha, Lucia da Corta, Katharina Hanifnia, Nidhi Kaicker, Amanda Lenhardt, Charles Lwanga-Ntale, Binayak Sen, Bandita Sijapati, Tim Strawson, Ganesh Thapa, Helen Underhill, Leni Wild
Progress at reducing extreme poverty is likely to be much slower over the next two decades, concludes the Third Chronic Poverty Report, unless tougher action is taken to prevent set-backs and sustain progress.