Refugee crisis: what next?

10 September 2015 17:00 - 18:30 GMT+01 (BST)
Public event
Streamed live online


Kevin Watkins - Executive Director, ODI


Mikaela Gavas - Programme Leader, Development Agencies and EU, ODI

Stephen Hale OBE - Chief Executive, Refugee Action

Rouba Mhaissen - Founder and Director, Sawa for Development and Aid, Lebanon

Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP - Secretary of State for International Development (2010-2012)

Sara Pantuliano - Director, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI


Governments across Europe are struggling to respond to the greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War. Syria is at the heart of that crisis. Public demands for action are intensifying in the face of distressing images of suffering. But how should the United Kingdom and the EU respond to the challenges posed by the refugee crisis? And what role can Europe play in working for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Syria?

Ahead of a key meeting of EU leaders, the panellists share their reflections and outline proposals for reform.