#AdaptDev workshop: organisational culture for learning and adaptation

24 May 2018 17:00 - 18:30 GMT + 1 (BST)


Craig Valters @craigvalters - Research Fellow, ODI

Jamie Pett @JamiePett - Adaptive development consultant 


Emma Proud @EmmaProud - Director of Organizational Agility, Mercy Corp

Abigail Freeman @abigailfrmn - Founding Partner, Brink 


A growing body of literature exists on the theory and practice of adaptive development and Doing Development Differently. What there is less of, however, are forums where people can deliberate on the challenges of implementation and how to resolve them. This workshop, the pilot in a new series from ODI, seeks to respond to this need.

We’ve seen that while some individuals swim against the tide to lead adaptive programmes, it’s difficult to change organisations to work in this way. Even with senior leadership buy-in and changes to systems and processes, progress can be patchy.

In this workshop, Emma Proud, Director of Organizational Agility at Mercy Corp, initially outlines specific challenges she faces in this area. Through facilitated discussion, the group contributes and considers possible solutions, hearing from others with similar experiences, aiming to arrive at different ways of tackling this common issue.

The workshop is broken into three sections: 1) Problem setting and definition; 2) problem deconstruction, and 3) action planning.

Places to this event are limited. Email [email protected] for more information. A summary of the discussion will be added to this page following the workshop. See the #AdaptDev project page for more details.