Development policies and practices in the Democratic Republic of Congo

5 - 7 November 2018

Focusing on development policy and practice in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), this conference provides an overview of recent social science research in and on the country. 

The conference is jointly organised by:

On days one and two the conference presents the research results from a two-year UK-AID funded SLRC project on ‘Power, Politics and Poverty in the DRC’.

On day three, hosted by CRE-AC and MRAC, the new editions of 'Conjonctures congolaises', 'Conjonctures de l’Afrique centrale’ and the ‘Monographies des Provinces de la RDC’ are presented. The conference, containing sessions provided in both French and English, also offers a photo exhibition, networking opportunities and lunch for attendees across the three days.

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Day one and two (5-6 November):

  • Research paper presentations from SLRC's  two-year UK-AID funded project on ‘Power, Politics and Poverty in the DRC’ and respondents to an international call for papers. Thirteen parallel sessions on the following six themes: political economy of the DRC; public sector reforms; governance of mineral resources; gender and development; access to land and agriculture; livelihoods and socio-economic inequalities.

  • Plenary session discussions, debates and keynote speeches on the state and future of social science research in the DRC, including speakers from the University of Kinshasa, ODI (London), Claremont Graduate University (California), the International Institute of Social Studies (Rotterdam) and the Institute of Development Policy (Antwerp). 

Day three (7 November):

  • Opening remarks from Herman de Croo (Chairman of CRE-AC and former Chairman of the Chamber of Representatives, Belgian Parliament)

  • Presentation of new editions of 'Conjonctures congolaises', 'Conjonctures de l’Afrique centrale’ and the ‘Monographies des Provinces de la RDC’

  • Speakers from the the Centre de référence belge pour l’expertise sur l’Afrique centrale (CRE-AC, Bruxelles), the Royal Museum for Central Africa (MRAC, Tervuren)

  • Closing ceremony.

Full agenda forthcoming. For any questions, or information on how your institution might be able to participate, please email [email protected] or [email protected]