Ajoy Datta

Ajoy Datta

Research Fellow
Ajoy works on the relationship between Knowledge, Policy and Practice, Organisational Change in Donor Agencies, Government Institutions and Think Tanks.

Ajoy’s interests lie in understanding change processes (political, social and economic) and the role that knowledge, information and learning plays in that. In particular, it explores how organisations can and do change and how different organisations (and individuals) can collaborate (and share information) better to 'get things done'.

This includes: i) how ‘think tanks’ can engage with a variety of policy actors to encourage a more vibrant policy debate; ii) how government agencies can facilitate positive change using the best available knowledge and the most appropriate processes and iii) how international and donor agencies can most effectively support in-country stakeholders to bring about change. His work involves a mix of research, engagement, facilitation and project management and has most recently taken him to Southern Africa as well as South and Southeast Asia, supporting for instance, the Australian and UK governments as well as UNDP.


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