Emily Wilkinson

Emily Wilkinson

Senior Research Fellow
Emily is a Senior Research Fellow in the ODI Risk and Resilience Programme, leading research on risk and uncertainty in development and disaster recovery. Her current research focuses on disaster and climate risk management, state responsibility, anticipatory action and effectiveness and accountability in public policy. For the last 15 years, Emily has worked with governments, non-government organisations and scientific agencies in Latin America and the Caribbean, East Africa, South Asia and the Pacific to identify critical entry points and opportunities for overcoming hazardous geographies and managing risk in line with development priorities.

Emily’s current research is split across four areas: (i) incentivising public investment in disaster and climate risk management; (ii) aligning public policy with risk perceptions and behaviour of households in volcanic areas; (iii) the use of regulatory and fiscal instruments to influence private sector behaviour and risk creation; and (iv) the political economy of forecast-based early action and disaster risk reduction financing. Since the widespread destruction of Hurricanes Irma and Maria across the Caribbean, Emily has been supporting ‘building back better’ strategies with national governments, regional agencies and donors.

Emily was Head of Research for the DFID-funded Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters Programme (BRACED) from 2014-18 and led research on climate risk management for the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) from 2014-17. Emily has a PhD in human geography from University College London.

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