Alumni experiences

ODI Fellow (2016-18) Giulio Schinaia with colleague Geraldo Raul Indeque at the Ministry of National Education, Higher Learning and Scientific Investigation in Guinea Bissau.

The ODI Fellowship Scheme is highly respected among employers of economists and statisticians. Fellows have gone on to make successful careers in the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, academia, the private sector, non-governmental organisations, and their own country governments. Many choose to stay in the countries they are posted to.


Testimonials from past Fellows

'My ODI Fellowship within the Central Bank of Nigeria did not only provide me with the unique opportunity to learn about and contribute to development from within the host country government. It additionally allowed me to experience the role which various donor institutions and consulting firms play in influencing developing countries – with different observed levels of impact.

I am sure that this experience will strongly shape my own career in international development.'

Johannes, Central Bank of Nigeria

'The ODI Fellowship offered me a unique opportunity to work in the field of global health in a dynamic region of the world. It has been a truly rewarding experience to work at the Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Programme (HITAP) with a committed leadership and a fantastic team.

The Fellowship has helped me gain a better understanding of the kind of work I am interested in and the skills needed going forward. I want to thank the ODI Fellowship for being supportive during the initial phase of post allocation and for being readily available throughout the Fellowship programme.'

Saudamini, HITAP, Thailand

'Working for a developing country government early in my career was probably the best decision I could make – and ODI offers a unique opportunity to do that. The perspective I've gained from this experience is unrivalled and brings a humility in the face of the development challenges we're trying to solve. I am continuously inspired by my colleagues' resourcefulness.

I've have the privilege to write national strategies for private sector development, reviewed highly political policies and seen the policy making process first hand. All the while, seeing how I perform under pressure and understanding my own shortcomings better. Highly recommended, both professionally and personally!'

Olivia, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Rwanda

'In my role as a senior economist (ODI Fellow) at the Sierra Leone National Revenue Authority (NRA), I was engaged in major policy processes and policy oriented research; monitoring and analysis of related developments and outcomes, and communicating and liaising with donors; government bodies and international institutions alike.

I represented the NRA in various high-level meetings with international organisations such as the various missions of the World Bank and IMF. In this capacity, I was able to contribute to the output of the institution while internally helping to set up systems and processes to facilitate future interactions with partner institutions.'

Senan, NRA, Sierra Leone

'Each Fellowship is unique with different challenges and successes coming your way from day one. The experience of working inside a government ministry gives you unprecedented access to not only the challenges faced but also the dedication of the people trying to make tangible improvements to the lives of their compatriots.

I was thrown in at the deep end and expected to perform, but with patience and dedication identified my goals, which were forever changing, and got on with the job; and experienced things along the way I would not have had the opportunity to elsewhere.'

Victoria, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Solomon Islands