Global health and wellbeing

Exploring the causes, impacts and solutions to the global issues of climate change and related health threats.
Gibriel Kabba, a swabber for the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone, prepares to enter a house with protective clothing, after a new born child recently died. Photo: Dominic Chavez/World Bank

Annually, a significant number of people die and have their lives altered by ill-health due to disasters, including rapid-onset events and long-term environmental changes. Degraded environments impact negatively on health while poor health pushes people further into poverty and aggravates their vulnerability to risks.

Predicated increases in exposure and vulnerability to risk due to climate change and demographic shifts compound existing and future public health challenges. But this burden is far from homogenous across geographic, socioeconomic and demographic boundaries.

Our work addresses the complex links between human health and wellbeing, climate change and disaster risk reduction. We aim to promote an inter-sectoral systems approach to international agreements including the Sustainable Development Goals, the Sendai Framework and Paris Agreement by considering the impacts of environmental shocks and changes on health and resilience.