The impact of 2004 World Development Report

On Friday 28th February and Saturday 1st March, experts including Kevin Watkins, Tim Harford and Shanta Devarajan discussed the impact - and future - of the seminal 2004 WDR.

Why do many countries fail to deliver adequate services to their citizens? And why does this problem persist even in countries undergoing rapid economic growth, with relatively well performing institutions or policies?

This was the problem addressed by the World Development Report on Making Services Work for People, published by the World Bank in 2004. It recognised that politics and accountability are vital to improving services, and that aid donors ignore them at their peril. These issues are still very much at the centre of the development agenda.

Ten years on from the landmark report, this ODI and the World Bank conference in Washington DC celebrated the achievements of the report and its influence in development thinking and practice. The event also discussed what still needs to be done improve access and quality of basic services such as education, health, water and electricity.




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