Knowledge to Action resource series: adolescent girls and gender norms

This DFID-funded resource series brings together insights from ODI’s research in Ethiopia, Nepal, Uganda and Viet Nam and is aimed at policy-makers and practitioners.

Discriminatory gender norms have an enormous influence on adolescent girls’ development opportunities.

Together with economic conditions, and the availability of key services, gender norms create the context in which girls develop aspirations, families make decisions about girls’ futures, and affect girls’ experiences in wider society.

The impact of discriminatory norms goes beyond their effects on individual girls, to affect society as a whole. Investing in adolescent girls has been shown to lead to healthier, better educated and better-off societies.

This resource series brings together learning on gender norms from ODI’s Transforming the lives of adolescent girls project, with a particular focus on norms about child marriage and girls’ education.

It is divided into three main sets of Resources:

Resource 1 materials focus on understanding gender norms and what leads to change;

Resource 2 materials provide guidance and insights into researching and monitoring changing gender norms;

Resource 3 materials bring together insights from our research on effective action to tackle discriminatory gender norms.