Development Progress case study

Research reports and studies
A series of case studies will explore where progress has happened and why, revealing the political, social and economic factors facilitating progress. Each country case study will explore a particular focus area within one of the following dimensions of wellbeing, with several case studies explicitly researched from a multidimensional angle.

No longer neglected: tackling Sierra Leone's neglected tropical diseases

Research reports and studies | June 2014 | Romina Rodríguez Pose with Gideon Rabinowitz
In spite of the brutal, decade-long civil war that ended in 2002 and caused extensive destruction to infrastructure and resources, post-conflict Sierra Leone is now one of West Africa’s leading performers on the control of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and, in...

Against the odds: Mozambique's gains in primary health care

Research reports and studies | June 2014 | Romina Rodríguez Pose, Jakob Engel, Amandine Poncin and Sandra Manuel
This case study explores the significant progress Mozambique has made on health care in the past 20 years of relative stability following years of conflict, drought and economic strife. The study focuses on reductions in under-five and infant mortality, as well as...

Neglected tropical diseases: the case of Cambodia

Research reports and studies | June 2014 | Romina Rodríguez Pose
In barely more than a decade, Cambodia has made tremendous progress tackling the three neglected tropical diseases that its citizens are most vulnerable to. This case study explores how this progress has been made and what lessons can be learned from it.

Nepal's story: understanding improvements in maternal health

Research reports and studies | October 2013 | Jakob Engel, Jonathan Glennie, Shiva Raj Adhikari, Sanju Wagle Bhattarai, Devi Prasad Prasai, Fiona Samuels
​This Development Progress case study explores the lessons that can be drawn from a remarkable story of progress, revealing that despite a 10-year insurgency, persistent political upheaval, and some of the world's most challenging terrain for the delivery of...