ODI Insights

Original research, policy briefings and outreach activities addressing urgent and unresolved problems in global development.
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As a world leading think tank on international development and humanitarian issues, ODI strives to be at the forefront of policy and political debates, to inspire new thinking and provide solutions to critical international issues. ODI Insights is a great example of this in practice.

Throughout the landmark years in international development, ODI Insights is pioneering a strategic and creative approach to addressing emerging or unresolved development challenges, at a time when issues of implementation and new models for delivery will be centre stage in development debates.

Building on the expertise of researchers across ODI’s programmes and sectors, and making the most of ODI’s existing networks in policy and academic circles, ODI Insights will deliver a series of policy briefings, research papers and outreach activities based on original research on urgent and unresolved development priorities and challenges. As well as reaching new influential audiences, the aim of Insights is to ensure that our high-quality research and analysis influences policy debates, providing innovative practical solutions to existing and emerging problems.

In an increasingly complex global environment, we are faced with many challenging questions which need to be explored. What are the drivers of migration? How do political settlements impact universal health coverage? How can innovation in technology achieve better service delivery? Through quality research and analysis, ODI Insights will explore these crucial areas that are at the forefront of key global debates today.