15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC, Copenhagen

Binding emission reductions were not agreed at Copenhagen. However, significant new pledges were made to support developing countries respond to climate change. This collection of materials from ODI focuses on the challenges that such countries will face as they continue to seek economic growth and a reduction in poverty. 

ODI’s research explores the relationship between climate change and development. It is a broad agenda: how to secure low carbon growth; the ways and means of raising new and additional finance to tackle climate change; the role of forests in national mitigation strategies. Research tools such as scenario planning can provide important insights, and the role of knowledge intermediaries in bridging the gap between the research and policy communities is becoming ever more important. We also need to better understand the terms of international agreements if we are to see a stronger outcome for developing countries at the next COP meeting in Mexico City in November 2010. All these papers offer important new insights to help secure this goal.


Financing adaptation: matching form with function

Working and discussion papers | December 2009 | Jessica Brown and Nanki Kaur

This Background Note offers a critique of the ways in which the financial architecture to support adaptation to climate change is taking shape in international negotiations, and identifies important issues that need to be taken into account when designing this...


The Little Climate Finance Book

Books or book chapters | December 2009 | Charlie Parker, Jessica Brown, Jonathan Pickering, Emily Roynestad, Niki Mardas, Andrew W. Mitchell

The Little Finance Book also aims to demystify some of the key concepts around financial mechanisms that currently hinder negotiations.