International Human Rights Day 2007

Today is International Human Rights Day. This page brings together recent resources from ODI, including the Briefing Paper 'Voice for accountability: Citizens, the state and realistic governance' published today. Today the UN will begin a year long campaign leading to the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, on the theme of 'Dignity and Justice for us all'. The Declaration is one of the most translated documents of all time. However, 60 years on, these are not easy days for human rights.


Human Rights and Livelihood Approaches for Poverty Reduction

Briefing papers | November 2007 | Marta Foresti and Eva Ludi with Roo Griffiths

This briefing paper maps the key features of the sustainable livelihoods approaches and human rights-based approaches to poverty reduction and their foundation, content and contributionto analysing poverty in specific contexts, also identifying...


Assessing governance: No easy task

Comment | 1 October 2007 | Marta Foresti

The Ibrahim Index of African Governance is the latest addition to the flourishing field of governance assessment.  The World Governance Assessment (based at ODI), the Kaufman and Kraay indicators, and the Bertelsmann Transformation Index all seek to tell us...

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Human Rights and Poverty Reduction event series - Concept Note

Working and discussion papers | January 2005 | Laure-Hélène Piron

Those that advocate in favour of the adoption of ‘rights-based approaches’ need to reflect on both the strengths and limitations for poverty reduction and humanitarian protection, of rights conferred by citizenship and of locally developed norms, as well as of...