G-20 in 2010

The headlines in the wake of the G-20 summit in Toronto (26-27 June 2010) have focused on the agreement to halve deficits by 2013. Beyond these headlines, the Summit Declaration contained elements that could evolve into a new development agenda for the G-20, focusing on support for growth in low income countries (LICs). A new development agenda for the G-8 and G-20 is urgently needed, particularly since the G-8 has dropped references to the Gleneagles commitments on aid.

In June, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) launched a collection of essays to inform both G-20 summits being held this year, particularly in relation to the development dimension of the G-20 framework for strong, sustainable and bal­anced growth. Taken together, the essays provide the basis of a 20 point charter that commits LICs to transformative growth and the G-20 to consider the development effects of their core economic policies.

There is much work to do before the G-20 summit being held in Seoul from 11-12 November 2010, and ODI is committed to publishing resources to inform debate in the run-up to the Summit itself. In his latest blog , Dirk Willem te Velde shares his thoughts on what the Toronto summit meant for development.

This research builds upon a number of influential studies published by ODI since it launched 'A Development Charter for the G-20' ahead of the London summit in 2009.

Toronto, Canada; Seoul, S. Korea

The G-20 framework for strong, sustainable and balanced growth: What role for low-income, small and vulnerable countries?

Books or book chapters | June 2010 | Dirk Willem te Velde (editor), Issac Anthony, Ray Barrell, Debapriya Bhattacharya, Derek Brien, Massimiliano Cali, Nicola Cantore, Lius Jemio, Jane Kenan, Ali Mansoor, Isabella Massa, Shiela Page, Mustafiz Rahman, Pradumna Rana, Nikunj Soni, Hem Socheth

This paper contains over 20 briefings considering the role of low-income, small or vulnerable countries in the G-20 growth framework ahead of the Toronto and Seoul G-20 summits this year, 2010.


The G-20 in 2010: cementing the BRICKs of development

Briefing papers | May 2010 | Dirk Willem te Velde

The G-20 has taken centre stage in global economic governance following its swift and decisive response to the financial crisis. But the G-20 needs to tackle unfinished business urgently; there is no clearly defined role for the private sector in the G-20 and...

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