The Indian Ocean Tsunami

The tsunami on 26 December 2004 caused massive destruction and tragic loss of life, with an enormous humanitarian, social and economic impact throughout the region, with political implications on a global scale. The short, medium and long-term consequences of this horrendous natural disaster across Asia and Africa are far-reaching.

A number of international and regional initiatives are taking place to provide an analysis of the situation and to respond appropriately to the region's needs. A number of questions must be addressed. This site provides some resources from ODI experts on natural disasters, aid, debt and humanitarian practice.


Learning from cash responses to the tsunami

Working and discussion papers | January 2007 | Lesley Adams

This project set out to record the experiences of agencies implementing cash-based interventions, and their results, and to develop guidelines for future emergency cash interventions.


Learning from cash responses to the tsunami: Monitoring and evaluation

Working and discussion papers | August 2006 | Lesley Adams and Paul Harvey

This Issue Paper focuses on the question of how to monitor and evaluate cash transfer programmes, with special reference to the learning that has emerged from the tsunami response.This Issue Paper looks at the use of cash in support of livelihoods recovery....


The Indian Ocean Tsunami and Tourism

Comment | 5 January 2005 | Caroline Ashley

'The tsunami inundated some prime tourism destinations. Reconstruction of hotels is underway, but will the poor workers and entrepreneurs be able to participate? This Opinion argues that strategies for pro-poor tourism are needed to enable the livelihoods...

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Learning from the Indian Ocean Disaster

Comment | 3 January 2005 | Edward Clay

'The World-wide public attention and political shock waves from the Tsunami provide a brief moment of opportunity in which the international community can address weaknesses in the way it supports the efforts of developing countries and their...

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