The G8 at Lough Erne

On the 17-18 June, leaders from the G8 countries will gather at Lough Erne in Northern Ireland. On the agenda are three key issues: advancing trade; ensuring tax compliance; promoting greater transparency.

In advance of the summit, ODI researchers will be responding to this agenda and providing an independent commentary on the Lough Erne accountability report, which reviews the G8's delivery against previous summit commitments.


G8 on tax: More a first step than a giant leap

Articles and blogs | 19 June 2013 | Kevin Watkins
'Getting agreement on global action to prevent tax evasion was never going to be easy. In the event, the G8 summit communiqué has delivered more than a whimper, but far less than the big bang that many had hoped for.'
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Tax evasion: ten terms you need to know

Articles and blogs | 17 June 2013 | Francesca Bastagli
The erosive effects of tax evasion and avoidance on public revenues has led to mounting public demand for reform. To penetrate the fog, here is a list of ten essential terms for talking tax and transparency.
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The G8 development dividend

Articles and blogs | 14 June 2013 | Kevin Watkins
'the G8 summit can start to chart a new course – and the communique needs to provide a road map. Here are five details to watch out for.'
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G8 and trade: the development angle

Articles and blogs | 11 June 2013 | Yurendra Basnett
'Each piece of the G8 puzzle is complex and trade negotiations are historically hard to progress. The principle of ‘do no harm’ makes breakthroughs harder to come by, but when they do come their potential value is much greater than that offered by aid increments....
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'Nutrition for Growth': mainly good news

Articles and blogs | 11 June 2013 | Steve Wiggins
'Last weekend’s food-security summit delivered some good news for global efforts to combat malnutrition, which blights so many lives and destroys so much potential. The challenge now is to act on the commitments and consign a long-standing disgrace to history by...
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The G8 and development – what is the scorecard?

Articles and blogs | 7 June 2013 | Andrew Norton
'We welcome the attempt [of The Lough Erne Accountability Report] to impose some sort of order on a vast array of [G8] pledges,. However, my colleagues and I also identified a number of weaknesses in the report'
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Delivery is the G8 yardstick

Articles and blogs | 4 June 2013 | Kevin Watkins
'We are not about to witness a Gleneagles moment. Political leaders will arrive in Lough Erne without their cheque books, and preoccupied by fiscal austerity. The global campaigning on poverty that forced the hand of G8 leaders at Gleneagles has lost its momentum...
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