Family Planning Summit


Girls’ clubs and empowerment programmes

Toolkits | September 2015 | Rachel Marcus and Sophie Brodbeck
This Research and practice note outlines how girls’ clubs and empowerment programmes can shift gender norms, attitudes and practices, drawing on case studies from Ethiopia, Nepal, Uganda and Viet Nam.

Migration, health and dignity in South Asia

Briefing papers,Research reports and studies | July 2014 | David Walker, Nabesh Bohidar, Prabodh Devkota
This briefing presents lessons from the EMPHASIS (Enhancing Mobile Populations’ Access to HIV and AIDS Services, Information and Support) project on migration, women’s empowerment and HIV in Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

Barriers to contraceptive use

Projects | April 2012 to June 2012
This project aims to address eight key barriers that may limit adolescents’ contraceptive uptake and recognises that individuals, families, communities, economics, policies and politics all play key roles in this.
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