International Women's Day


Family planning: the adolescent imperative

Briefing papers | July 2017 | Nicola Jones and Elizabeth Presler-Marshall
Ahead of the Family Planning Summit 2017, this briefing argues that the global response to family planning must put adolescent girls at its centre.

The impact of cash transfers on women and girls

Briefing papers | March 2017 | Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Luca Pellerano, Francesca Bastagli, Luke Harman, Valentina Barca, Georgina Sturge, Tanja Schmidt and Calvin Laing
This briefing summarises the evidence on the impact of cash transfers on women and girls, drawn from our rigorous review, Cash transfers: what does the evidence say?

Care responsibilities and women's leadership

Briefing papers | December 2016 | Rebecca Holmes, Emma Samman, Pilar Domingo and Nicola Jones
This ODI Insights policy brief explores the linkages between two key areas of research: childcare and women’s leadership.

The power to decide: women, decision-making and gender equality

Briefing papers | September 2015 | Tam O'Neil and Pilar Domingo
This briefing explores women’s decision-making power. It investigates the reasons for women’s increased presence in public life; why some women have less political power than others; when and how women have power and influence in practice, and what they seek to achieve.