Development strategy and finance update: Spring 2018

Forthcoming research

A Guide on Multilateral Development Banks

This topic guide provides a systematic comparative analysis of the mandates, structures and instruments of 25 global, regional and sub-regional MDB. It aims to build the evidence and inform reflections on the MDB system and its current architecture. It is expected to be released in June 2018.

Donor Motivations Atlas

The Donor Motivations Atlas (DMA) is a data-driven tool designed to comparatively and empirically examine the spectrum of motivations for foreign assistance that exist among Development Assistance Committee donors. The beta launch of the DMA is expected in June 2018.

Financing the Future Update (2018)

In 2015, our flagship report, ‘Financing the future’, recommended how international public finance should fund a global social compact to eradicate poverty. Three years on, we develop a new approach to measuring countries’ financing needs adjusted for their ability to self-finance from their own taxes and a new index to measure donor efficiency at targeting the countries that most need financial support to eliminate extreme poverty. The paper is due for publication in September 2018.

Blended Finance: Is a different approach required in LICs?

A lofty role has been assigned to blended finance to help shift the development financing needle from ‘billions to trillions’. Institutional incentives, at both the bilateral and multilateral level, are changing to incentivize a more catalytic use of ODA. This will result in more ODA being invested in blended finance but blended finance is currently mobilizing private finance, which is significantly concentrated in MICs and is predominately hard wired, raising the obvious policy question about whether blended finance can deliver for LICs? A forthcoming blog by Senior Research Fellow, Samantha Attridge, explores this issue and paper which examines the blended finance landscape in LICs and undertakes a comparative analysis of the ten largest MDBs and DFIs who engage in blended finance is expected to be published in July 2018.

Parliamentary evidence 

International Development Committee: oral evidence on the definition and administration of ODA
Senior Research Fellow, Nilima Gulrajani, testifies before the International Development Committee about the risks associated with increasing ODA spending by other government departments (other than DFID).

International Development Committee: written evidence on the definition and administration of ODA
Senior Research Fellows, Annalisa Prizzon and Nilima Gulrajani, provide written evidence on reforming the definition of ODA and the challenges of allocating UK aid through other government departments.

What we’re reading

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USAID to unveil new organizational chart on Thursday (Devex)

Programme of Action: Mobilising private capital for SDGs at scale (Blended Finance Taskforce)

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