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ODI On... | 8 July 2016 11:18 - 11:15
All of ODI's reports, events and commentary on the UK vote to leave the European Union in one place.
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ODI On... | 24 - 30 April 2015
​ODI is attending the ninth International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA9) in Nairobi, Kenya from 24-30 April 2015.
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Social enterprise

ODI On... | 20 - 21 March 2015
​Social enterprise is a growing movement in rich and poor countries alike. ODI is researching how social enterprises can address market, state and NGO failures, what support is available to them, and how the policy environment...
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ODI On... | 22 - 23 December 2014

ODI research seeks to understand how governments can better direct subsidies to support social and environmental objectives.



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South Sudan

ODI On... | 9 December 2013 - 19 January 2014
​What is happening in South Sudan? Nine years on from the signing of the Comprehesive Peace Agreement (CPA) – which ended decades of conflict between southern insurgents and the Sudanese government in Khartoum – and three years after the independence vote,...
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Typhoon Haiyan

ODI On... | 13 November 2013 11:00 - 12:00
​Typhoon Haiyan – the strongest storm ever recorded – hit the Philippines on 7 November 2013, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The UN has estimated that over 11 million people were affected, and some 673,000 people displaced. Up to 10,000 are feared dead,...
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2013 climate change conference in Warsaw

ODI On... | 11 - 22 November 2013
The international community convened in Warsaw, from 11 to 22 November 2013, for the annual conference on climate change. The meeting was a key marker on the road to 2015, when major agreements...
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