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UNGA 2013

ODI On... | 17 September 2013 00:00 - 23:59

As the United Nations General Assembly convenes in New York, ODI is collecting views on what the future should hold for the achievement of international development goals – both the present...

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G20 Summit in Russia

ODI On... | 5 - 6 September 2013
​On the 5-6 September leaders from the G20 countries will gather in St Petersburg, Russia. In advance of the summit ODI researchers will be exploring what we should expect from the latest meeting and how we might assess the capacity of the G20...
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World Humanitarian Day

ODI On... | 19 August 2013 00:00 - 23:59
​World Humanitarian Day marks the day, ten years ago, when 22 aid workers were killed by a terrorist attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq. Ten years on, aid workers continue to face targeted or indiscriminate attacks while delivering aid on the frontlines....
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The G8 at Lough Erne

ODI On... | 17 - 18 June 2013

On the 17-18 June, leaders from the G8 countries will gather at Lough Erne in Northern Ireland. On the agenda are three key issues: advancing trade; ensuring tax compliance; promoting greater transparency.

In advance of the summit, ODI...

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Bonn climate conferences 2013

ODI On... | 3 - 14 June 2013

First steps towards 2015 global agreement?
The 2013 climate change conferences in Bonn are hoped to be the first steps towards an agreement on global climate action in Paris in 2015. With the Fast Start Finance period...

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Post-2015 High-Level Panel

ODI On... | 1 November 2012 - 30 May 2013

There is already an active debate on what might follow the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), when they expire in 2015. ODI is right at the heart of it, with our research and policy advice linking directly to governments, NGOs and UN agencies.

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The future of aid

ODI On... | 1 - 30 November 2012

As the debate over aid spending continues to rage in the UK and countries traditionally associated with providing assistance tighten their belts, longer term trends are fundamentally altering the landscape of development cooperation. What is the role of aid in...

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Food prices

ODI On... | 19 October 2012

As the world adjusts to higher food prices ODI studies: changes in international cereal markets; the causes and impacts of higher food prices; potential policies to mitigate harm as well as exploring the links from agriculture to poverty, hunger and...

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The crisis in Syria

ODI On... | 18 October 2012

Since the civil war began there in March 2011, an estimated 100,000 people have been killed, five million have been displaced within Syria and over two million – half of them children – have fled to neighbouring countries. Humanitarian agencies have struggled...

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